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It is through life's challenges that we truly realize our spiritual and inner strength. How we cope with these dramas and traumas is the key to our growth and ability to transition through to the positive. It allows us to really see within ourselves, to find our inner balance and the ultimate strength we need to get through the unforseen adversities of life.

Kerry has developed an inspiring, spiritual and thought provoking message eloquently delivered with a breathtaking photo presentation titled "Transitions".

Everyone must find their source of healing, whether it is through the written word, a painting displayed on canvas or captured in the lens with a creative eye. For myself photography became an avenue to sort through the many personal turmoils and tragedies, to rise above the negative and share with others the wonderous journey on which I now find myself."

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This presentation is for those who have been or are currently transitioning through change, conflict, health dramas, life altering experiences, life's wake up calls, relationship trials & triumphs and also for those looking for a positive story to lift them and fine tune their own journey through life.


Some comments about Kerry's Presentation "Transitions" below:

"Thanks again for an amazing presentation. You could have heard a pin drop on the carpeted floor as you gave your presentation -- everyone was spellbound...I was amazed at the overall positive feeling in the room...Your slide show was beautiful." L.S.

"Hi Kerry - What a wonderful, professional presentation you did last evening! Although I was aware of most of the uphill battles you have faced, it really hit home to hear directly from you, in sequence, all the challenges you have already faced in your young life and also how your creative photography have kept you moving forward. I do agree with you very much that during the very darkest periods, it is almost impossible to pursue the arts be it reading, writing, visual. Keep it moving forward, Kerry!" Mary

"I have always been impressed with your photography, but the presentation of your wonderful pictures, many of which I recognized from your West coast collection, and that incredibly appropriate music was an experience of complete serenity.Thank You Kerry, and I wish you success in your continued " Journey ". It really is a wonderful World. The setbacks are obstacles to be surmounted." P.T.

"Kerry, Hi I absolutely loved your presentation at the Sarnia photo club this month (even though you tried to make me cry ) I'm glad your journey brought you to that meeting. I had a few minutes and did visit your web site, what I had time to see was awesome and I look forward to seeing more. I had to laugh because I also refer to my long and short trips as adventures and my life as a journey." D.J.

**If you have a club, class, group, company, organization or association that would benefit from this positive and inspiring presentation please contact Kerry for more information. Three weeks notice required for all speaking engagements.